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“Nest” is an SF horror story that appears in Boundary Shock Quarterly Issue #16. The theme of the issue is “Wandering Monsters,” terrors large and small that invade or lie in wait.

“Breakaway” appears in BSQ Issue #18, Veterans. It’s the first of my “Del & Gia” stories, about the travails of a couple of R&D test pilots. This story features Gia Solari, who knows more than she wants to admit about a stolen spacecraft.

“Pirate Ship” is my first story about Del Morehouse. It takes place five years before the events in “Breakaway,” and appears in BSQ #21, Avast (The Pirate Issue).

“Gift Exchange,” a Del story that takes place some months after the events in “Pirate Ship,” appears in BSQ #24, Science Fiction Holidays.

“Robin Red,” a Gia story that takes place a few weeks after “Breakaway,” appears in BSQ #26, Tomorrow’s Crimes.

There are several more Del & Gia stories to come. The tone is lighter than that of the Jani books, more pure quill adventure than socio-political. Once they’re finished, I’ll gather them together in a collection.




“Symbiote” appears in Derelict, a ZNB “lost ship” anthology.


The short story “Continuing Education” first appeared in The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity, edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray.


It’s about searching for something, and finding it where you least expect.


Another light fantasy short story, “8 rms, full bsmt”. It first appeared in an anthology entitled Misspelled, edited by Julie Czerneda. Published by DAW (2008).



My short story, “West Side Ghost Story,” appears in Second Round: A Return to the Ur-Bar, which is a return visit to the eternal watering hole featured in AFTER HOURS, an earlier anthology from ZNB Publishing.

My story concerns a young woman named Sherry, who thought she knew it all, only to realize she knew less than she ever imagined:

Second Round is available at all the usual locations: Amazon  iBooks  Nook  Kobo  ZNB Publishing


Nature’s Ways is a collection of two stories, “Nest” and “Symbiote,” both of which appeared in print previously (see above).

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“The Repairer of Lost and Broken Things” appears in the ZNB solarpunk anthology Solar Flare. It takes place in the same universe as the Del & Gia stories, and some of those characters may appear in future stories.

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Book View Café’s first cookbook, BVC Eats, is now available for sale in the BVC store (it will go wide later this month). I have four entries, including a very short Jani Kilian story prefacing the recipe for Cheese Crisps. Over 150 recipes in total. I’m looking forward to trying a few as well as reading the introductions etc.





An essay of mine entitled “Confessions of a Late Bloomer” appears in How I Got Published–Famous Authors Tell You How in Their Own Words, a collection of how-to/how-I-did-it essays by published writers. The book was edited by Duane Lindsay, and was published by F&W Publications, the Writers Market folks, in late 2007.


I felt the first vague rumblings in college. I started writing the story of a young woman rebelling against a repressive regime, and had completed about two handwritten pages when my roommate asked me what I was doing.

“Writing a book.”

“Oh. How many pages have you written?”


She laughed in a lightly mocking sort of way, and I…stopped. I didn’t have the wit to reply that every book ever written started on page one. I just stopped.