The Jani Kilian Books

Jani Kilian was born in Ville Acadie, the largest city on the Commonwealth colony of Acadia. Her father Declan, a systems developer, was of Irish descent; her mother Jamira Shah, a shopkeeper, was of South Asian descent. Jani grew up speaking a French dialect, learned Commonwealth English in primary school, and decided early on that life on a backwater was not for her. She wanted to see other worlds, so like so many other colony kids, she joined the Service.

It seemed a good idea at the time.


I have (lightly) re-edited and republished the Jani series. The changes are minor so no need to repurchase any books you already have. I mainly removed exclamation points—so many exclamation points—and tweaked the odd detail in earlier books so they match the direction of Endgame and future books. Going forward, individual books may be unavailable for a period of time as additional changes are made, old editions removed from sale, and new editions uploaded. 

All the books are available at Book View Café, a writers’ cooperative. If you buy my books there, I get 90% of the cover price; at other online stores, I receive 35-70% depending on the book price and the country in which the sale takes place. That said, buy wherever is best for you. Any sale is a good sale.

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Code of Conduct   Rules of Conflict   Law of Survival    Contact Imminent     Endgame      Echoes of War 

The original mass market paperbacks are still available out in the wild. The covers of Code, Rules, Law, and Contact were by Jean-Pierre Targete. The cover of Endgame was by Chris McGrath. The new covers were all designed by Dave Smeds.


Jani Kilian Extras

In addition, there’s a novella entitled Incident on a Small Colony, which is pretty much Jani’s pre-Code of Conduct life in microcosm. When Jani first encounters a young girl in the bathroom of a decrepit space station, she thinks she’s hallucinating. But then she realizes the girl is real and in trouble, and if you know Jani you know what that means.  Kobo B&N Amazon Apple

BVC Eats is the first cookbook published by Book View Café. The intro to one of my recipes, “The Cheese Crisps That Almost Started a War”,  is a piece of flash fiction featuring Jani Kilian.

My first–and so far only– foreign sale was to the Russian publisher AST, which bought Code of Conduct. That’s my name at the top of the cover, in those cool industrial letters. I’m not sure if the bordering graphic with T. rex and the castle on the precipice is a standard AST border or part of *my* cover. No dinosaurs were harmed in the writing of any of my books, in case you wondered. I do like the transport.

It’s a small hardcover book, about 5 1/4″ by 8″. 415 pages. Very neat, seeing my words translated into another language