Rainy Sunday

I was halfway through my daily stepcount on the treadmill when I decided Hell With It, put on my rainsuit, and walked to the park. Just a few light sprinkles along the way. Drops shaken off leaves by the wind.
I spotted some early summer wildflowers. White campion (I called them striped pantaloons) and spiderwort. I let the merlin app sound ID run for a while and picked up calls from birds I don’t see in my backyard. I did catch sight of the Warbling Vireo, so entered it on my ID list. I think I saw a Common Yellowthroat bathing in a puddle—it flew off before I could be sure but I think it counts as a sighting because it certainly did sing a lot. A few IDs were miscues—the Red-Backed Shrike and Eurasian Oystercatcher are not from around here—but overall it was a good day for new birds.