New(ish) Releases

I have a story in the latest issue (#26) of Boundary Shock Quarterly. The theme of the issue is “Tomorrow’s Crimes,” and my entry is entitled “Robin Red.” It’s a Del & Gia story, the fourth in a serialization about two young pilots and a singular stolen spacecraft. Learn more about it and the other stories on my Other Work page.


Jani Kilian #6 is out in the wild. Echoes of War has been out a few months, but I didn’t do much promo so I’m giving a shout-out every so often. There’s a first chapter posted here and a lovely blurb from Julie E. Czerneda and a background ramble about the process of writing the book here.

That’s all for now. Spring is trying to settle in here and the daffodils are exploding. I am a fan of exploding daffodils.

Daffodil explosion.