Snow yesterday…

…60s expected in a couple of days. Weirdest winter ever.

Fitness 2024 continues. I had to back off a little on the intervals—speed-walking or jogging at 4.5 mph jars the old knees a little too much. So, 4 mph it is until I build up some knee strength with wall-sits and squats.

I am also considering an online Tai Chi class. I’ve always wanted to learn and these classes, while focused on Tai Chi Flow, seem geared toward older folks while still allowing for some exposure to the martial art form if desired. I’ve taken a couple of the Flow intro classes and despite the movements being slow, I still felt some muscles getting a workout. I also felt a sense of calm at a few points, which for me is a huge plus. A bundle of free-floating anxiety am I.

I also follow taichiart over on Threads and well, a woman should have goals.