Fitness February

A few years ago, I attended yoga classes a couple of times a week in addition to daily walks and over time developed some decent flexibility and leg strength. But after a couple of trouble-free years, I experienced tendonitis flares in both hands which made many poses—think “planks”—difficult because I couldn’t put any weight on my hands and none of the cushioning devices I tried helped. I tried limiting myself to the poses that didn’t involve my hands but it wasn’t the same, and I ended up quitting. After that, I joined a local fitness center so I could use the weight machines. I liked it, but just as I was settling into a rhythm, the plague hit and the center closed.

All during this time, I kept walking. It was great to be outdoors and it was one of the best ways to keep in touch with friends, but it wasn’t enough. Over the last few years, I’ve lost some strength and flexibility. Now I’m trying to get it all back.

So, in addition to walking, I’ve added some light weight work (3 kilo free weights) for my arms, squats and wall-sits for legs, and stretching. I walk six days a week, and switch things up by adding intervals. My daily goal is 10K steps. Three days a week, I walk beginning and end segments at 3mph and the middle 30 minutes at 3.5 mph; the other three days, I add 1-minute intervals to the 3.5 mph section consisting of 4.5mph every five minutes. Yes, I have a treadmill at home, which makes it easy.

Over time, I want to move my base speed up to 3.5 mph and tick up everything else accordingly. No jogging, though. In the past, that was a great way to mess up my feet or knees.

Walking outside is a different story. It’s more pleasant, especially when the sun is out. But it’s harder to keep up the pace. Maybe I need to find an app that beeps at me when I slow down.

Anyway, this is the plan. I’ve also added a few diet improvements over the last few months. More protein, fiber, water. So many things I wish I had started 40 years ago.

Don’t it always seem to go…