It’s Snowing?

We had a little snow last week. Normally not an unusual situation in NE Illinois in early January. But it’s been quite the mild winter here so far, and it doesn’t take long to get used to salt-free roads and no shoveling.

Monday we were supposed to get several inches, but I live by the lake. Where it’s a little warmer. So I got rain instead. Friday, 6-8″ or more is supposed to drop, but. I live by the lake. So I may not get as much. That said, I’ve gassed up The Little Prince* and let him run for a few minutes, so he’s ready. I guess I am, too. I mean, what choice do I have?

Suffice it to say I’m just not feeling Winter this year. The days have been grey and wet for the most part, and Gaby is no longer around to bark at me until I take her for her walk. I mean, we walked in blizzards. I would be squinting through wet glasses as wind-whipped flakes stung my face and the Boss of Me would just pop along like it was no big. Gaby of the Yukon.

God, I miss that little dog.

Still trying to get back in gear after the months-long push to finish Echoes along with a short story for an upcoming edition of Boundary Shock Quarterly. I don’t want to list the work I want to complete this year, though Jani #7 is in the mix. Then there are the non-writing projects like organizing the basement and garage, overhauling parts of the yard, and refreshing the bedrooms and my office (paint, furniture, etc). Never a shortage of things to do.


*I called him that because he used to refuse to start in the cold. Yes, I know how that sounds. After I switched to higher grade gasoline, matters improved.