Is it Spring yet?

At least the current frigid snap is easing. Solid 30s(F) through the end of the month. It’ll feel good to defrost.

Short story update: I finally uploaded Nature’s Ways, my two-tale eco-SF horror collection, to Amazon, Kobo, and B&N.

I’ve also turned in another Del & Gia story, this one features Gia Solari, test-pilot-on-the-run. It’s entitled “Robin Red,” and will appear in Tomorrow’s Crimes, the Spring 2024 issue of Boundary Shock Quarterly, which I think comes out April 1st. More info about these stories on my Other Work page.

In day-to-day news, I have tax info gathering to do and a Jani book to plot. A couple other stories at the seed stage. Planning a lot of yardwork once the weather warms, which is both daunting and exciting. I want to move some loose lannon stone to the shade garden to form a path, as well as organize the overall space. If I just get that done, it will be a lot. But I also want to extend some beds and move some shrubbery. It would all look great if I can manage it, but there are times I’m glad just to get the lawn mowed.