…ber months approaching at speed. Fall catalogs showing up in the mail. Pumpkin spice-flavored and scented items showing up in the stores.

Not ready.

Latest news involves Law of Survival, which now has an updated cover. The old cover didn’t really work with the rest in the series—it was more like an illustration than a photograph. The new cover, also by Dave Smeds, has a noirish look that works with the story, all of which takes place in Chicago and the surrounding area.

As with Code and Rules, I did a light edit. Many !!!!! removed. A few words deleted or changed. Typos corrected. If you already have an older edition, there’s no need to get this one.


dark haired woman holding a futuristic weapon being followed by a shadowy figure Law of Survival Jani Kilian

I should add that the Books page for the Jani books needs serious updating. In fact, the entire website could probably use a refresh—it’s been a while. But it will have to wait until I get a few things off my plate.

Oh, and as for short stories in anthologies, one of this year’s Zombies Need Brains anthologies has a story of mine.


The anthology, Solar Flare, is a collection of solarpunk stories; my story is entitled “The Repairer of Lost and Broken Things,” about a corporate investigator who is sent to Earth to track down a missing engineer and finds more than she ever imagined. Solarpunk was a new subgenre for me, and the writing of this story presented some challenges. But I like how it turned out. It’s in the same universe as a couple of stories I wrote for Boundary Shock Quarterly, “Breakaway” and “Pirate Ship,” but with a different main character who I expect will show up again.