Time flies while I stand still

No, I’m not really standing still. Stuff is getting done writing-wise, house-wise, life-wise. It just doesn’t feel that way sometimes when I look at the calendar and wonder where the summer is going. Days are getting shorter and we’ll be in the -ber months before you know it.


Keeping one eye on the milkweed patch and hoping that at least one of the caterpillars I’ve found over the last few weeks  made it to the chrysalis stage. I get excited when I spot one, but soon after I can’t find it and I wonder if a bird got it. I know the percent survival rate is in the low-mid single digits, but it still gets to me a little bit.

close-up of common milkweed flowers

Milkweed flowers

A Jacob Cline bee balm surrounded by sem ash spirea leaves and flower plumes

Bee balm and spirea

Then this morning I spotted two monarchs flitting around the place and landing every so often, so. Hope raises its tattered banner once more.

As an aside, the common milkweed are blooming and the scent is lovely. Not floral, but soft and idk, deep for want of a better word. I wondered if anyone sold milkweed candles, and I’ve found a place online. I bought one. Milkweed has joined pussy willow on my “favorite flower scents” list.

In closing, some flower photos because if it isn’t food or Gaby around here, it’s flowers. The individual milkweed flowers are lovely, like enameled stars centered with tiny faceted gemstones. And I added the bee balm-sem ash leaf spirea photo because I liked the view of that red flower centered amid green and white.

All for now…