New Release Day at Book View Café

It’s been a while.

Nature’s Ways is a two-story collection of SF horror. Both stories first appeared in other publications back in 2021, “Symbiote” in the ZNB anthology Derelict and “Nest” in the Wandering Monsters edition of Boundary Shock Quarterly. They were both changes of pace from my usual space opera with heavy sides of politics and medical stuff, and I enjoyed writing them.

It will be exclusive to Book View Café for the next week or so, at which point it should be available at the usual outlets…barring delays. I will post again after it goes wide.

an eerie astronaut sitting in a darkened ship, holding their helmet in their lap. Behind them, vines curl in a green-lit terrarium


I love this cover so. It’s wonderfully creepy. Many thanks to Matt Seff Barnes for the design.