It’s 2023!

My last post was in November 2022. December went by in a whirl of reno, appointments, reno, short story struggles, and reno. Now the holidays are past and I’m not sure what day it is since Christmas and New Year’s Day both fell on Sundays so the days off were moved to Mondays and…

…::checks calendar:: Tuesday. Okay.

Bit of news–I’ve a new story out. It’s entitled “Pirate Ship,” and it appears in the latest issue of Boundary Shock Quarterly, the theme of which is Pirates!

two spaceships coursing through space


It’s a prequel to “Breakaway, ” the story that appeared in the Veterans issue last April. The stories are lighter in tone than the Jani books, but there’s still chicanery, plotting, and subterfuge because those are three of my favorite things. I’m planning more stories in that new universe, with at least one in mind for this year.