Another Sign of Spring

A few years ago, robins built their nest in the space between one of the garage lights and the frame. The lights are lantern-style with curved tops, which form a decent enough support. The pair didn’t seem to mind my comings and goings. They raised their brood and moved on, and I removed the nest after their departure.

Since then, things were uneventful in the nest department…until last week, when I spotted a house finch pair hanging around the other garage light. They landed on it, then flew back a forth a bit between it and my neighbor’s apple tree. Later, I noticed a few straws or twigs stuck between the light and the frame. Then, not long after, I saw this:

A brand new nest


Interior of house finch nest

All set for little baby finches



I waited until I saw the pair in their observation post in the neighbor’s apple tree. Then I brought out the step ladder and checked for eggs. Nothing yet at that point, but they’re definitely ready.





close up of a bird's nest behind a garage light

There she is!



I didn’t see any activity for a few days, which of course didn’t mean there wasn’t any. Then yesterday morning, I spotted Mom’s tail–you can just see it poking out the left side of the nest.






I’m not sure if I will try to get a look at eggs or hatchlings. I’ll play it by ear.