Snow Day and a very short snippet

Even though NE Illinois was under a Winter Weather Advisory, I hoped that they had overestimated the expected snow totals as they had on previous occasions.

Sadly, no. I awoke to the back-up *beep-beep* of the city snow plows, and knew we had probably received the 3-5″. Dragged on boots and coat BEFORE COFFEE and went out with Gaby to survey the scene. Looks like 3-4″ heavy powder–Gaby pushed her face through it, then went around the yard and christened various spots while I cleared the deck and rear sidewalk. After I finish my coffee, I’ll suit up and clear the driveway. The snow is technically light enough to shovel, but since I have a loooooong driveway I think I will try the snow thrower first.

And I need to get going, so I’ll end with a very short snippet from Echoes. This is very early in the book–I need to be careful with snippet choices now because possible spoilers.

Again, unsettled quiet fell. Jani turned to the window, squinting as the glare of the Elyan sun off the white buildings overpowered the light filters. “What does ná Feyó want to talk to me about?” As if I don’t know.

“She did not tell me,” Dathim replied, eventually. 

You’ve learned how to lie, ní Dathim. Human and idomeni really are the same.