A New Short Story

If you enjoy tales of ghost ships and legends and eerie happenings around spaceports, well, there’s an anthology coming out on July 15th that you might be interested in and hey, I have a story in it. The book is entitled Derelict, one of a trio of anthologies coming out this year from Zombies Need Brains. It’s edited by Joshua Palmatier and David B. Coe, and along with my story, “Symbiote,” it has stories by Gina Koch, Julie E. Czerneda, Jack Campbell, and Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.

“Symbiote” was fun to write. Short stories are a challenge for me because the novel is my natural length and I constantly need to battle the urge to add backstory and side plots. I have to focus, and after a while I find I enjoy being able to concentrate on that single track.

So what is “Symbiote” about? It’s an SF tale of a scavenger team that needs a good score really badly. So they get a tip about the Morecombe, a ship that disappeared a dozen or so years before. There’s not a lot of information available about this ship other than it was a laboratory ship, and lab ships usually have a lot of salvageable stuff.


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