Chilly scenes of winter

We haven’t had a great deal of snow so far here in northeast Illinois, but the ground is covered and it does look wintry. The state park is a palette of all shades of brown, from coffee to rust and tan, beige and cream. The sun came out occasionally during this morning’s walk–the blue sky popped and everything brightened. Then the clouds would come through again, and even the sun would fade.

It’s harder to find things to photograph this time of year–no gorgeous wildflowers to snag the eye. But sometimes I run into something that calls out “Photograph me!” That’s what happened when I came upon these grass spikes. They reminded me of wheat, but I think they’re Canadian wild rye.

Pretty sure this is Canada wild rye, Elymus canadensis

Then there’s the sun behind cloud, and the tarnished silver sky and bare trees. Very Gothic.

Eerie winter sky. Moody landscape.