Autumn Days

Leaves are changing here in the Midwest. The sugar maples are particularly lovely. All that brilliant red-orange.

Artsy autumn leaves photo

There are still a few blooms on one Rose of Sharon, and the mums are popping. But the potted begonias are straggling, and everything else is at that late summer all passion spent stage. My least favorite time of year. I will miss the flowers.

I have been working on Jani #6, Echoes of War. It’s slow but steady going, egged on by the fact that I have scheduled with Editor for January 2021. That may sound like a long ways away, but it’s three months. And given how my books are twisty things that buck me off at least once, and that I am a bit on the slow side, speed-wise, well, it ain’t that long. I have a daily word count schedule on Scrivener–I don’t always hit it, but I do so often enough that I’m not falling behind.

(FYI–I post Echoes snippets over on my Facebook Author Page every Sunday evening.)

Then there’s the fact that NaNoWriMo is coming up next month. I have signed up so many times, and fallen by the wayside an equal number of times. But this year, This Year, she said, voice cracking in hope, I’m going to give it a real shot. If I don’t hit 50K, that’s fine. But if I just keep pace with my Scrivener schedule, I’ll be doing way better than I have during any year since I learned there was a thing called NaNoWriMo.

So, it’s dark outside, I have words to write, and a muffin to eat. Made them yesterday, and they are a winner. My fave Simply Recipes Banana Bread recipe, with 1 cup whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup white whole wheat flour, toasted pecans, diced dried figs, and three tablespoons spiced rum–the whole wheat flour takes up the extra liquid. Anyway, so good. Very moist, with a deep, rich autumn flavor.

It’s Muffin Time!

So, until next time…