Still winter

Snow expected tomorrow through Wednesday. But my Pink Fizz hellebore has a big bud, so there’s hope.

Hidden beneath the leaves

“The Great Purge” Update: the old couch is no more—it went to that big ol’ Living Room in the Sky this morning. I called Habitat ReStore to ask if they would take the display cabinet, and left a message. The other cabinet is too rickety to donate, but has a couple of glass doors that I like. So, I’ll remove them and turn the glass into wall hangings or something arty, and pitch the rest.

WIP Update: it does me no good whatsoever to think of plot twists for future Jani books* when I should be working on the book in progress. I’ve had good reactions to the parts of Echoes of War that I’ve read at various cons. I need to concentrate on that…and try to juggle it with the non-SFnal thriller that’s nibbling at the recesses of my brain.

Baking Update: these Blue Sky Bran Muffins from Smitten Kitchen are next on the list, probably with a chopped apple filling. I’ll post pictures.

Like I said up top, it’s still Winter here. During this morning’s walk, I passed a pond in a neighborhood park and came upon these images in the ice. I know they’re fissures that refroze, but they remind me of bare trees.