Some favorite links

Spent too much time bashing around the internet when I should’ve been doing other things, and came upon a few cool links.

Over at Digg, a YouTuber updated an old (1895) film clip of a train arrival using neural networks, increasing resolution to 4K/60FPS. The result is so crisp and clear–the enhancements really are startling. Instead of watching a clip from the past, I felt like I was watching a scene in real time.

This panorama of the Martian landscape taken by the Curiosity rover is amazing.

This next link isn’t a link–it’s one of my favorite photographs. I snapped it a couple of years ago on my old iPhone 5S. Autumn sunrise at the state park. The delicate leaves of the waterside shrubbery and the straight lines of the dock bring to mind a scene in Japan. I find it very peaceful.

Finally, I haven’t made Gimme Some Oven’s Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies yet, but I will soon. The recipes I usually come across use the partially hydrogenated stuff that doesn’t separate, but this one uses real peanut butter. And no flour. I am intrigued.