Fall Settles In

Remnants of TS Olga will whip through later today. Whole lot of unnecessary rain promised, 1-2″ probable and localized heavy downpours possible.

So I spent some time clearing off the deck. The deck chair, brollie, various gardening things, all stashed in the garage until spring. Then I topped off the bird feeders and put out the fall wreaths and spindly scarecrow. The pumpkin on the front step, I am happy to say, is still intact and free of rodent bites. This could be because I’ve been soaking it with deer/rabbit repellant every few days.

I didn’t think we’d have a colorful fall given the wet and warmth. But a few nights in the 30s came along and now the colors are everywhere. The maple are the most striking–red, vermilion, yellow. I have a couple of varieties of hickory on the property, and their yellow is starting to pop (see photo). Even the flowering shrubs are getting into the act–the hibiscus are yellowing and reds are coming through in the hydrangea leaves.

Hickory gold

The bur oak aren’t very exciting–dull brown.

I still need to mulch leaves. Rainy week ahead, but I still have November, she said, crossing her fingers as the weatherguy talks about snow chances in the next week.