I will be attending Capricon 39 next Friday and Saturday, and am looking forward to some fun panels.

Also, fingers crossed for decent weather.

Monster Hunters Willow A Theme Fri 11:30 AM
Forget the monsters, let’s celebrate those whose lives are dedicated to bringing the monsters down. From Van Helsing to Buffy to Solomon Kane, how is the role of a monster hunter portrayed in literature and media?

Themed Reading: Space Opera Birch B Reading Fri 2:30 PM
Authors read rollicking action adventure stories… IN SPACE!

Writing While Life Rolls Over You Botanic B Writing Fri 4:00 PM
How do you survive Life Events while trying to juggle day job and a writing career? How do you stay organized? Recover from
massive distractions? Get back to the project? Overcome imposter syndrome? Let’s figure this out together.

Autographing: BMAN/Erlick/Smith/Shoemaker Autograph Table
Sat 10:00 AM

Monsters on Vacation Birch B Theme Sat 11:30 AM
What does a zombie do after it’s eaten its fill of brains? Does Godzilla ever take a day to just kick back at the beach? In stories
we usually only see monsters when they’re busy terrorizing the countryside, but you can’t do that ALL the time…Our panelists
discuss how various monsters might spend their downtime.

The Monsters of Doctor Who Botanic A Media Sat 2:30 PM
What scares the Doctor should scare you! From Adipose to Zygons our panelists discuss their faves and flops. And is there such
a thing as too much exposure: do the Daleks scare as much now as they did in 1963?