Scenes from a flight home

This past Monday, I dragged myself out of bed at oh-hell-thirty and drove to Tampa Int’l for my flight home from a writers’ conference. Even though I grumbled as I rolled my suitcase out to the rental car and headed out, I was looking forward to the trip. I’d snagged a window seat facing east, which meant I could watch the sunrise.

A few minutes after take-off








A few minutes later. Watch that tiny dot of light in the sky.


Planet-tracking. Venus remained in view for the dusk portion of the flight. Mars was there as well since the planets were in conjunction a few days before, but I couldn’t see it.






The dot’s much brighter now.








Venus faded as the sky lightened. 








Layers of cloud forming a bowl


Wondering if these clouds were some portion of Hurricane Nate. The flight was bumpy at times, but nothing like I feared given that Nate had passed through there the day before.







I love spotting shapes in the clouds:












Sunrise off the starboard bow


Daylight, and Lake Michigan coming into view.







The lake, complete with early morning sailor

Home, with shades of autumn amid the green



A pleasant flight. I need to nab the window seat more often.