What do you mean it’s May already??

Seriously, 2017, what is going on?

April was a busy month. I spent some time lobbying at the state level for the Sierra Club. I marched in both the March for Science and this past Saturday’s Climate March, and attended C2E2 as Alex Gordon in between. I saw Welcome to Night Vale’s All Hail the Glow Cloud show. I weeded, walked Gaby, started bowling again–something I haven’t done since I was a kid–spent too much time online, and wrote a little but not enough. Participated in a Spring Fling Giftcard Giveaway over on Facebook–seriously, there are reasons to follow my author pages over there. There will probably be other contests and promotions over the next few months…like this one for BookView Café! 12 Authors. 12 Free Books. . Follow this link to the giveaway page–even if you already have Code of Conduct, there are other great SF, fantasy, romance, and literary books to download.

Giveaway ends May 12