Busy April

RT Convention prep is ongoing. I’ve had Alex Gordon purse mirrors made. Today, I bought little black bags and tags, eye and sugar skull stickers, little bits of eerie to use as badge decorations. Also, business cards. There will also be candy, but I’m going to get it in Las Vegas.

I’m also editing Contact Imminent in preparation for its reissue next month. I needed to reread it so that I could write the cover copy, and oh dear what was I thinking when I tossed in all those exclamation! points! A bunch of those got deleted.Also, em-dashes. They have their place, and I loves them to bits. But there are limits.

As for today, so many links!!!!!**

Incident on a Small Colony, the one and only Jani Kilian novella, appears this month in Lightspeed Magazine’s ebook issue. Yes, I know it’s available on the website, but if you buy the issue, you also get my Spotlight interview in which I discuss how I came up with the tech and why I took the directions I did with Jani’s character and other aspects of the story. Plus, there’s a lot of other great fiction and reviews. Definitely worth $3.99US.

As for Alex Gordon, she’s interviewed in this month’s issue of THE BIG THRILL. I discuss the development of Lauren Reardon, the different worlds of GIDEON and JERICHO, and how I got started on this writing thing in the first place.

Also, Marie Brennan is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of her first novel and the upcoming release of her new one, IN THE LABYRINTH OF DRAKES, by hosting other writers on her site and asking us questions over the next five days. Today’s question is, What is the earliest story you ever recall writing? I am in awe of the memories of my fellow authors.

**I had to do something with those deleted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!