It’s next week!

Busy schedule, especially Saturday:

Saturday 10:00:00 AM The Show in Your Head vs. the Show on the Screen

Call it head-canon, fanon, or the viewer’s 50%, but we all have had those shows where the version you have in your head is very different than what’s actually shown. How does this impact your enjoyment of media? How do you reconcile the problems on the screen with the awesome version in your head?
Kristine Smith, Julie Winningham, Gordon Smith, Miriam Weinberg, Anna Carey

Saturday 11:00:00 AM Crossing the Streams

Where are the lines in genre conventions and what happens when we cross them? What needs to happen to make something a crossover vs. a fusion? Do transmedia projects and genre fluidity benefit the genre? How does crossover in media experiences and production impact the kinds of stories we see on the screen?
Doselle Young, Kristine Smith, Andrea Phillips, Gordon Smith, Christian Klaver

Saturday 1:00:00 PM Women Made of Chrome

Women older than thirty and short of being a grandmother, are rarely seen in gene fiction. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but these types of characters often fade into the background scenery, and very few are protagonists. Why is this? What has been lost as a result? What books have handled vigorous, gray haired, women well?
Kristine Smith, Catherine Shaffer (M), Cherie Priest, Jen Talley, Robert Jackson Bennett

Saturday 5:00:00 PM Autograph Session 2

Saturday 7:00:00 PM Researching the Science: Where Do You Find the Science for Your Science Fiction?
Resources for finding good science. Where to go, what to look for and how to cite it.
Catherine Shaffer, Kristine Smith, Lawrence Schoen, Daniel Dugan, Gordon Smith

Sunday 11:00:00 AM Fantasy Fantasy: Live Draft
Fantasy sports has become an international phenomenon. It’s time for the ultimate conclusion: Fantasy Fantasy. Come watch the panelists conduct a live draft of their Adventuring Party from a pool of the most famous characters in genre history. The winner will be selected by the audience and then showered with glory.
Tom Doyle, Douglas Hulick, Kristine Smith, Michael R. Underwood, Steve Drew (M), Cherie Priest

Really looking forward to the Live Draft. I’m already planning my team….

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