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Hope everyone had a good holiday. Happy New Year’s Eve Eve! Tonight it will be 27 years since the fire that my dad had going in the fireplace licked through gaps in the mortar and set the rear of the house on fire. I had just closed on the place two weeks prior–another five minutes, and I’d have lost it. Instead, I had insurance company hassles–no-name insurance, just don’t do it–and major outlay for a new, BUILT TO CODE, fireplace.

27 years. Some events always seem…more recent. And always will.

One week until GIDEON hits the shelves–the Alex Gordon half of this one-person writing team will be busy. Check over there for details and appearances etc if you’re interested. The next few months will be spent working on JERICHO, the follow-up to GIDEON, as well as comic con appearances and working on getting the Jani Kilian books into ebook format and cleaning out the house as part of the long-term move-across-the-country prep. General everyday life will get tucked into the spaces.

I thought that after I left the day job I would have all this extra time. Ha.

2015 is almost here. The time, does it ever fly.