’twas the day before

Been a while since I posted. Funny that it seems as though I have less time now than I did back when I had less time.

Been busy around the house, taking care of the unexpected. The quest for a dishwasher retrofit led to my needing to upgrade the electrical box and get a new hot water heater. Still haven’t started work on the kitchen cabinets–I think I’ll hold off until after the 1st of the year. Also need to clean out closets, the basement. Paint bedrooms. I’ve tossed out self-imposed deadlines because these first few months of repair work have taught me that things take as long as they take, and what’s first on my list of priorities may not rank as highly on the lists of those I need to do the work. So. Things will get done when they get done, and not in a rush.

In other news, it’s a frigid, sunny Christmas Eve–temp around 0F earlier this morning and wind chills like Brrrr. It shall be a cookie and movie day. Nothing specifically holiday, but kitchen-sink cookies. Chocolate chunks. Raisins. Nuts. Oatmeal. Wheat germ. The works. The Prestige is playing on SyFy tonight. Haven’t seen it, so, it shall be a Christian Bale/Hugh Jackman/David Bowie as Nikola Tesla night. A little snow expected, an inch or so to add to the 4-5″ already on the ground. A White Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and Happy Holidays to all. A toast to the coming year.