The -ber months

I will be offline for most of the next week. Nothing wrong. Just busy.

First hint of autumn in the air today. A cool front moved through yesterday, dropping nighttime temps to the lo 60s. I had left the bedroom windows open all day and into the night, and actually needed the comforter. Nice sleeping weather. The morning proved so cool that I wore long pants for Gaby’s walk, which was a good move because on the way down the street to the bike trail, I stepped on a hickory nut Just Right, and wiped out. Just some road burn on left elbow and right hand. Also a scraped left knee, which would have been much uglier if I hadn’t been wearing the rip-stop cargo pants.

I can’t believe it’s September already. The lawn is still green, but the growth has slowed to practically nothing. Tomatoes are still ripening. Acorns etc have been falling like crazy, and the squirrels are gathering them and digging holes everywhere. I have a slew of canned pumpkin in the pantry, and I’m tempted to make some pumpkin soup. I know you should ideally use fresh roasted pumpkin, but I have to do something with the stuff and I love butternut squash soup so I figure I should like pumpkin soup, too.

Autumn used to be my favorite season. Now it’s late spring/early summer, but I do still have a weakness for crisp mornings and such. Hate the shorter days, though. The wet windy chill, and knowledge that soon there will be snow. Not ready for summer to end.