Another week

I know–I’ve been scarce. Going to be scarcer. September should be better.

Trees and shrubs have been trimmed, by me and by actual pros with wood chippers and stump-grinders and such. Amazing how quickly two men and a wood chipper can get rid of a tree’s worth of, well, tree. This they did yesterday, at about 715am. Hella way to wake up, but I had to get up anyway, and by the time I got dressed they were gone. The backyard looks bigger and sunnier. Next month, I will have some repair work done on the deck, do some mulching and planting.

Tomatoes have been ripening. Yesterday, chopped up a few Black Crim and the single ripe Kellogg’s Breakfast–a pretty pale orange color–with a cucumber and a red onion. Sweet vinegar dressing–cider vinegar, sugar, salt/pepper, and a dash of olive oil. Had it last night with broiled salmon and couscous. Lovely summer dish.

Finally had some rain yesterday after two-three weeks without. Only a few tenths of an inch, but some wind came along for the ride and this morning city crews were out picking up fallen branches. A tree had fallen across the bike trail, so Gaby and I got to do a little up and over. But we’ve had our walk. Now she’s outside keeping the yard save from Invader Squirrel and his partners in crime. I’m inside, in the cool & dry, getting ready to work.

Below, the begonias in the front yard planter. They’re lovely now, full and bright–the photo doesn’t do them justice, but I wanted to post it anyway because.