Saturday mash-up post

One of those mornings when you could just walk forever. After all the heat we muddled through, now we’ve got coolth. 60s today. Maybe 70F tomorrow. A nice change of pace, but strange. With the heavy cloud and stiff breeze angling off the lake, it feels more like early fall than midsummer.

Looong walk this morning through the state park with the Gabster, around a small lake and up to the shore of the big one. Lake Michigan was active thanks to the breeze, but not choppy–I could see a few sailboats in the distance. The fields and marshy areas were well and truly filled with wildflowers, grasses, shrubs. Saw many birds. Some geese on the small lake. A few deer.

Gaby loves morning walks. After we got home, she let fly with a bout of the Zooms, dashing around in circles and leaping off the deck.

Grocery shopping accomplished. Lunch consisted of sliced turkey on a whole-grain roll with white cheddar, roasted red pepper. Warmed it in the oven to melt the cheese, then topped it with sharp mustard and lettuce. Had it with some Trader Joe’s cheddar & horseradish potato chips, which had a nice, strong bite. Once again, was forced to admit that most of the time, I make a much better sandwich than anything I could get in a deli. It’s just basic assembling the bits, nothing special. But the ingredients are pretty much the same as those from a deli, and I can tweak whatever I want.

I’d like to think I’m getting cheap in my old age, but then a sharp pair of earrings pops up online, and so much for the money I saved making my own sandwiches.

First tomatoes harvested, a trio of the Juliet grape. I think I picked them too early–they were sweet, but a little firm and lacking depth. I think I’ll leave the rest of the red ones on the vine for a few more days.

In other news…well, I have to admit that I am behind in movie watching. Way behind. Waaaay behind. Just saw Skyfall a few weeks ago. Haven’t seen Iron Man 3, or the Avengers. So I pretty much read what everyone else posted online and figured that I’d get around to it eventually. Read all the fuss about Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Thought he looked cool in the costume. Saw the Comicon video that’s been making the rounds. Xfinity On Demand doesn’t have The Avengers yet, but it did have Thor, so I watched it last night.

Okay. I get the fuss over Loki. I totally get it.

Last week at the day job coming up. 2 and a half more days….