Saturday drive-by

Actually, a sit-by, as I’m sitting in my cool–in temp, not decor–living room, trying out my new headphones. Bose, not the noise-canceling ones, but the next lower model. A rewards gift from my credit union credit card. Really comfy.

I love my credit union.

Watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. I do like that movie, but someone refresh my memory–are there any Spielberg films where women are more than ancillary screamers/dead weight for the hero?

Hot, sorta. Mid 80s. Too hot for the Gabster–I took her to her daycare place for their monthly Saturday get-together, and after a few minutes trotting about, she wedged beneath the bench I was sitting on and stayed put. After a little less than an hour, I gave up and brought her home. She’s currently outside, in the shade/cool grass, sacked out. She’ll perk up this evening, after the sun goes down.

Just saw a trailer for Red 2. That’s it–wanna go see Helen Mirren blow shit up.