Can haz tomatoes!!

Well, in a few days, at any rate.

The Juliet has a bunch that’s getting close:

Gettin' close

Gettin’ close

And the Black Crim has a few that are starting to turn:

Just getting started

Just getting started

The Juliet are more orange than they look in the photo. I think I will wait another couple of days, then pick one and see how it tastes.

The Kellogg’s Breakfast has one big termater, and nothing else. But, it was behind the others when it came to blossoms, and would have been pollinating about the time the heat wave struck. Warm nights (>75F) interfere with the process–it’s possible I may not see any more tomatoes for a while. Lots of little Juliets and Crims, though, so barring critter onslaught I should have some tasty salads in August.