Busy Saturday

It’s sunny! And warm…ish. Lo 60s, which feels like 80F if you move around. Bought petunia baskets for the deck and begonias for the front yard planter–the petunias are deep magenta/magenta-white stripe, while the begonias are lovely shades of melon, pink, and vermilion. I also bought a backpack sprayer to apply the organic weed stuff, and a cartridge for the kitchen faucet, which is dripping on and off. The lawn is on tap for tomorrow, because you need to spray the stuff before things sprout. Normally, I would have done this in March/April, but it’s been cold here. Forsythia are finally blooming, and I am used to seeing that in, hey, March/April.

Took Gaby to an Open House at the kennel where she goes for daycare. She dashed about in the sun, then went up to selected individuals and rolled over for tummy rubs. The heat got to her after that–she is a cold weather dog–and she repaired to the shade and watched other dogs rough and tumble about. Crazy retrievers.

Puppy play date

Puppy play date

Shade Gaby

Best lunch ever–leftover grilled salmon, arugula salad w/ lemon juice and olive oil. Glass of chard. I will now either plant begonias or try to start the lawn mower. Maybe both.