End of the weekend

It’s been a good weekend. Brainstorming with other writers–I don’t get enough of that in my life.

Took a break on Sunday afternoon. Dropped by C2E2, the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, for the day. Finally met online pals in person– Anne Bishop and Colleen Lindsay. Also met a passel of UF authors: Kerry Schafer, Christina Henry, Amber Benson, and Alex Hughes. Ran into Alex Bledsoe in passing, in that way one does. The Brownian motion of a convention.

I also committed Leather in the forms of a rustic handbag and a bound journal. I really, really shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a dealers room.

And I got to shake Peter Davison’s hand. He was seated in the autograph booth next to Anne and Co, and I told him I had been a fan since the Tristan Farnon days.

Gaby managed to complicate matters by once more refusing to eat. But. I had packed her food bowl, and on Saturday the folks taking care of her gave it a try. Well, Herself ate. Not everything, not at first. But by this morning, she was munching a reasonable amount. I fed her an hour or so after we got home, and she ate her usual dinner amount. She’s sacked out on the couch now. Poor exhausted girl. She was groomed, and came home with a little neckerchief and a bow on her butt.

"I have a bow on my butt."

“I have a bow on my butt.”

Serves her right.