Too short

Saturdays. Always.

Cold morning, windy with a bit of sleet. Ice crystals. Took Gaby for a walk, then to the pet store big box, which she handled like a little champ. Very gentle play with the smallest dog I have ever seen, a 6-month old Yorkie that couldn’t have weighed more than a pound. A Great Dane pup that was all knees and paws. And, to my surprise, a warning grumble at a rambunctious Aussie-shepherd-like pup that tried to sniff too much too quickly. Left her in the car as I made a short grocery run. She kept dozing on the way home.

House smells of roasted vegetables, asparagus w/ garlic, carrots w/ onion. Cooked up some bulgar wheat with raisins and basil, which doesn’t taste as weird as it sounds. It’s cold and gloomy, with more to come tomorrow and with possible added snow on Monday. Getting tired of it. Warm sunshine. Want.