Saturday thaw

After 4pm already. What makes things worse is that we lose an hour tonight. It takes weeks for me to adjust.

Gaby passed her temperament test at the kennel! That means that during days when I have a full schedule–classes, meetings–I have a place to take her where she can play outside and have fun with other dogs. This makes me happy.

According to one of the techs, Gaby wasn’t big on treats or toys. But other dogs, she fit right in. The staff remembered King–which was nice–so one of the first dogs they introduced Gaby to was a big Lab. They got along just fine.

People just like Gaby. While I was waiting in the front office to pick up her up, a man and his young daughter–6, 7?–came in with a very yappy young terrier. As soon as the girl spotted Gaby, her face lit. She came over, asked Gaby’s name and petted her–of course Gaby obliged by rolling over for a tummy rub.

She’s been sleeping since she got home.

While Gaby was off having fun, I drove and grocery shopped and drove. I was sooo hungry when I got home. Dug a container of last summer’s pesto out of the freezer. Sautéed onion, red pepper, and broccolini in a little olive oil. Added slices of sun-dried tomato and some leftover greens–spinach, arugula. When the veggies were a little soft and the leafy stuff wilted, I stirred in the pesto, then added some cooked rigatoni. OMG, was it good.

Tomorrow, I will have it with leftover salmon. During the week, some roasted chicken breast.

Weather’s warming. Snowmelt is rattling down the gutters, and the piles of white stuff are shrinking. They’re going to get even smaller tomorrow. Rain. High near 50. Mud season is coming.