One last mutter before Monday

…because MONDAY, dammit.

“Wintry mix” to look forward to in the morning. Last March at this time, we had record high temps, but this March at this time, we have “wintry mix.” And tomorrow, I’m getting a needle stuck in my arm because blood draw, which means I have to drive through the “wintry mix.” Which sounds like it should be made of spangly star snowflakes and little ice pellets that bounce right off the road and land safely in a ditch but is in reality made of freezing rain and *splat*, a rain/snow mix that hits your windshield like translucent birdshit.

And now I need to make up my bed because the mattress pad, which was in the dryer at the time when I discovered that cleaning the vent hadn’t helped and the dryer was not really drying anymore, should be dry now.

Monday started on Sunday this week. NOT FAIR.