King had his monthly check-up yesterday. Still doing okay.

He’s on Tylan to settle his gut, which is getting a little upset from the chemo. They give it to me as a loose powder, which I am pretty sure is spray-coated because it flows too easily to be untreated. Even with a coating, antibiotics can be nasty-tasting. I was able to get away with sprinkling the stuff on King’s food for a couple of months, but by Wednesday night, Himself has apparently had enough of that shit–he refused to eat his own dinner, contenting himself with Gaby’s leftovers and whatever stray crumbs he could find on the floor. So, when I picked up his new meds yesterday, I asked if they could have put the Tylan in capsules. Well, they don’t do that, but they did give me the capsules so I could fill them myself.

Powders can be a pain to load into capsules. I asked if they had any glassine paper, which can be folded into funnels and is slick enough to keep the powder from sticking. Well, they didn’t have any. But on the way home, I remembered that I had a box of non-stick foil in the kitchen. The non-stick side is slick as hell, and a small square worked great as a capsule-filler. I felt like I was in the lab again, filling capsules for stability studies.

Hockey. The Blackhawks. They’re going to have to lose sometime. But hopefully not tonight.

Time. How in hell can it be March already?