And so it begins

The basil seeds I planted last weekend are sprouting! The tomato seeds will take a bit longer, but the grow light is keeping them warm and I am hoping to see shoots in another week.

The lovely gardenia tree that my vet’s office sent has several buds that are going to unfurl Any Time Now. The poor thing needs a new pot–the one it’s in now is too small. I don’t have the right size on hand; looks like a 4-5 incher is needed if I want to continue to use the pretty decorative basket that the smaller pot came in. If not, I can put it in one of the containers that I already have. Drainage is apparently important, though, so I would have to remember to line the bottom with gravel so any excess water has a place to drain.

A nasty cold is racing ’round at the day job. Three folks have been hit that I know of. Apparently it hits hards, but doesn’t last too, too long. DO NOT WANT!

Repair guy repaired my clothes dryer today. Apparently this model has two belts instead of one, one for the drum and another for the exhaust fan. Was the exhaust fan belt that broke. Unfortunately, because I still tried to use the dryer when the vent wasn’t venting properly, things became hot enough that the glue that holds the front gasket in place melted. If the gasket had come loose completely, I would be looking at a new dryer purchase, but since there is still some glue in place, I may be okay. I will know that it has failed when the dryer starts eating clothes. Something to look forward too.

Another thing to look forward to–it may snow on Sunday! So fcking sick of the cold. I want warmth and sun and sitting out on the deck and grilling and flowers and greenery. Bees and hummingbirds and walking with Gaby along the forest footpath.

Speaking of Gaby, she’s doing well at daycare. Plays with All The Pupsters. Her eating is still spotty, but I am hoping she settles over the weekend. I’ve signed her up for basic obedience–that starts next month. I will see how much she enjoys Busy, and go from there.