A few things make a post

Temps in the 30s today. Windy, cloudy, with a few flakes in the air. I spotted dandelion sprout around the honey locust, a ring of spring consisting of inch-high greenery, some of it frost-burned. Nothing on the east side of the yard yet, but that area is still under some snow. They’re calling for 50s by weeks end, which will likely mean 40s near the lake. I’ll take it, for now. So hungry for warmth, I can’t stand it. And greenery. Sick of brown and leafless.

Also spotted deer scat near some of my yew bushes, which look as though they have been chewed. I may need to spread some repellent. Also considering getting rid of the yews. I could replace them with planters that I would fill with something bright during the summer, like begonias. The area doesn’t get much sun, being a northern exposure, so plant varieties are limited and yews are a common fallback. But, they’re boring. So I will think about the planters, maybe calculate how much landscape brick I would need to build them. They would be pretty.

Gaby is still eating just enough and no more. I’ve tried chicken breast, and miss as often as I hit. Today, I tried bacon along with a bit of drippings, and garnered a little interest. She still has some padding around her ribs, so I probably shouldn’t worry yet. And it has been only three weeks since King. And she is still experiencing change, whether it’s trips to daycare or simply rides to the pet store big box. Her regular food had a consistency hiccup with the last lot–meat paste rather than moist burger. That hasn’t helped. I emailed the company to lodge a complaint, and did a search for other brands of duck-based canned food. They’re out there, but online places either want you to buy by the case, or charge so much for shipping that I wind up paying more for that than for the food itself. So, I found a couple of local, new-to-me stores that carry some of the brands. I’ll get hold of a can or two and have her try them. I want to have options in case she shows signs of going off the current brand entirely.

And yes, I know that raw may be an option, but I am reluctant to move Gaby away from duck until I know for sure that she won’t relapse into IBD hell.

No, her behavior hasn’t changed. She barks. She plays, both with me and at daycare. She just isn’t eating much.

She does enjoy her walks. If I take too long to eat breakfast in the morning, I am soon dealing with a head resting on my leg and tail-wagging wiggle butt. Once outside, she sniffs everything, marks the interesting stuff. Tried to give chase to some deer the other day, pulling and twisting the lead. I started fitting her with a harness after that–she has slipped out of a collar before, and if she ever took off after a deer, I doubt I would see her again. There are coyote in them thar woods.