Saturday, with snow

We wound up with about 9 inches of heart attack snow in my area. Hope my Northeast friends are safe and warm and still electrically powered.

Mid-30s now. Snow is melting, a slow drip from the roof. It was a sticking snow, so branches are still covered. The drive to the store offered pretty scenery, trees looking as though Brioche, God of Pastry went nuts with the confectionery sugar.

Mid 40s and rain tomorrow, which will wash away all the pretty and likely leave mud behind. Wish this winter would make up its mind.

Took the pups to the vet–Gaby’s bordetella nose squirt and King’s Adequan. Gaby made us all late by dashing about in the snow and refusing to come when called. Luckily it was a tech appointment, so I didn’t knock their schedule offline too much. But this was a first–up to this point, Gaby has been very eager to get leashed and get into the car. I think the snow has her addled and all full of herself.

Groceries acquired. Red peppers roasted. Grapefruit sectioned and blueberries washed. First load of laundry in the dryer.

Almost to the halfway point of February. It goes so quickly.