Is it spring yet?

We’re under a weather advisory for tomorrow. Rain/sleet turning to wet snow. 2-5 inches, with “localized heavier amounts possible” in some areas. I live in one of those areas. Given that I will likely have to get up at oh-hell-thirty Wednesday morning to shovel, I am hoping for a smaller amount.

While we have received only about half the usual snowfall for the season, we have received about 110% of the average February total. Whacked winter continues apace.

As a protest against the coming onslaught, I ordered veggie seeds. Paul Robeson tomato seeds. Italian large-leaf basil. Mesclun mix. Along with the Robeson, I may plant the Black Cherry, which produced a lot of nice, largish cherry tomatoes last year. Nothing complicated planned, just stuff for salads and marinaras.

Thinking about goals for the spring/summer. Junk elimination–get rid of all the clothes I don’t wear, all the junk accrued over the last 25 years. Work on the kitchen and bathroom. Also thinking about the bedrooms–painting the dark woodwork white, painting the walls, getting new closet doors and curtain rods. Possibly new ceiling lights.

Busy times ahead.