Woke up kinda cloudy and early–as opposed to ‘bright and early’– to take King in for his monthly check-up. I was a little concerned about this one because he was scheduled for an ultrasound to check the state of his belly. The oncologist was on the lookout for developing lesions, or any other sign that the disease was progressing.

News was good–nothing unusual seen. One benign liver nodule, but no apparent malignancies. Given that, we just keep doing what we’re doing. Same drugs, same dosing regimen.

After nearly three months of treatment, King is showing a few side effects of the drugs. Occasional loose stool, which is the most common side effect–we’ll be giving him an antibiotic to treat that. He’s also shedding more than normal, with coat coming out in small clumps. The weather could explain it in part–he did always shed in the winter–but it is also something they see with one of the drugs he’s taking. His coat is still fairly thick and even–no bald spots. I will just brush him more frequently, and keep an eye on him.

They had to sedate him for the ultrasound–apparently belly rubs failed to calm him sufficiently so that he would lie still. They brought him back part of the way, but he still needed to be boosted into Kuro’s back seat. He’s now lying beside my chair in the dining room, sleeping it off. Definitely spacey-wacey. Blank stares, and a hind end that keeps wanting to lower to the floor.

Maintaining. Taking things as they come.

Posting will be light to nonexistent through the weekend–things to do. After the backlog clears, I want to look into sprucing up the site a bit–Twitter and FB links, maybe a new theme. No update yet on Jani ebooks. Working on a couple of angles, but so far, no progress to report.

Hope everyone’s New Year is off to a good start.