A few things make a post

A bit scattered today. First full week at the day job this year. Felt like a month.

So windy outside. The recycle bins have blown over twice–I picked up everything as quickly as I could, but not before King ran off with an empty foil box. He was quite pleased with himself.

No plans for the weekend beyond the usual errands. Hockey will be back. It will be good to see the ‘Hawks again.

I have been inundated with gardening/seed catalogs over the last few weeks. In past years, I would be figuring out which varieties of tomato to plant, and which herbs and other veggies to try. This year, I am not so excited, and am seriously considering scrapping the raised bed. Over the next year or so, I want to get the house in shape to sell, and part of that plan involves reseeding the backyard and improving the lawn. The raised bed is a 4×8 rectangle in the middle of an open spot of yard, ringed by patchy ground courtesy of the pups, who race around it. It’s not particularly attractive.

Add to that the fact that I have been disappointed in the flavor of the tomatoes I have grown. Make no mistake–they taste waaay better than supermarket. But they’re nothing like the tomatoes I used to buy from farmers markets as a teenager, and I’ve reached the point where I’m wondering whether they’re worth the trouble. When it comes to marinara, good canned tomatoes taste just as good, if not better. As for salads, well, I don’t need 3-4 large plants to supply those.

I haven’t made up my mind yet. I could always go with one cherry tomato plant, maybe some lettuces. I’m not sure.