Warm Sunday morning

Kill Bill Vol 2 soundtrack in the background, that slow, dreamy version of “She’s Not There.”

I have doors and windows open, and it’s December 2. Temps hit the 50s yesterday. Then came nighttime rains. It is now off-and-on sunny and edging up on 60F. It won’t last, but I will take the opportunity to air out the house.

But oh hell, it’s December. I hope 2013 doesn’t fly past as quickly as 2012 has.

King appears to be doing well, fingers oh so crossed. He’s peppy, and his appetite is great. He’s moving better thanks to the Meloxicam. He’s also on a new joint supplement called Dasequin. He had been on Glyco-Flex 3 for years, but the oncologist recommended Dasequin and given the struggles King was experiencing with his hips I decided to switch him. Don’t know if it’s helping in addition to the NSAID, but he’s getting up more easily and running a bit more. He has a check-up on Thursday, and I’m hoping his bloodwork results match what I’m seeing.

That said, I know how quickly things can flip from “all’s well” to “oh shit”, so I’m just keeping a watchful eye.

Gaby, meanwhile, is her own Gaby self. The mouse body count continues to rise.

Excavated leftover pot roast from the deep freeze, so a decent dinner will be had without my needing to do much more than warm things up. Time to get some work done.

3 thoughts on “Warm Sunday morning”

  1. Meloxicam + cosequin gave my arthritic kitty the ability back to jump up on the bed and play with toys like a kitten for three years before she passed from cancer at 19 years old. I am a fan.

    Glad to hear that King’s doing well with everything.

  2. The oncologist mentioned the possibility of kidney issues with Meloxicam. But, King’s kidney function is good at this point, and we will be keeping an eye on it. He’s on what I think of as a low-dose regimen–3 days a week (Tues/Thurs/Sat).

    I am glad he’s on it since it is an anti-inflammatory. One reason I hated tramadol was that it only treated pain, not inflammation.

    King’s like a little old man now with his row of pill bottles on the kitchen counter. But it all seems to be helping. May it continue.

  3. As long as the patient is hydrated and is given the appropriate dose, I’ve never had problems with meloxicam, even in cats. And I am a fan of multimodal pain relief for chronic conditions.

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