I used to collect a variety of china figurines, mostly by Lenox. I have most of the princesses, a set of “fashion through the ages,” and enough birds to stock the Atlantic Flyway. But, as sometimes happens, my tastes have changed. Once I have some time, I will try to find new homes for most everything, probably via Goodwill or another charitable shop.

But one thing I will never give up is the set of Christmas ornaments that Lenox issued over 20 years ago. A set of 24 carousel animals, horses for the most part. But there’s also a frog, an elephant, a giraffe, a rabbit, a St Bernard, a cat, and a few other unusual critters. I hadn’t used them in years, but given that I went with a real tree this year, I felt they needed an airing. I had to take care hanging them as they’re china and somewhat heavy–the tree is a Scotch pine and not all the branches can support the weight.

I scattered them about, mostly on the front of the tree so I can see them. I tried to take some moody, dimly-lit photos, but the Coolpix decided that it had a flash and dammit, it was going to use it. So, some of the photos are a tad bright, but they do allow you to see the detail of the things.

They have an old-fashioned feel to them, like they belong on a Victorian tree.

2 thoughts on “Ornaments”

  1. These ornaments are lovely! For the other Lenox figures you are ready to disperse back into the world, check prices on eBay before you donate. They might have increased or retained more value than you realize. Of course, then you have the package and ship process, but it might be worth it. – At least if you donate, you have a better estimate of value to use on your taxes.

  2. I will keep an eye on prices. Some of the birds are still in unopened boxes–that may mean a premium.

    I am pretty sure that if I took my time, I could realize a goodly amount, either in cash or as a write-off. But I need to be patient, and that’s where I always fall down. I want them out Out OUT! So I give them away.

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