Is it Friday yet?

The spam onslaught continues. It’s reached the point that I don’t even bother checking to see if anything legit got snagged in the net. Usually, Akismet will let through the odd piece of spam rather than filter out clean mail, but anything is possible. If you tried to post a comment on my site and find it never showed up, it’s likely gone. Try again.

Not a lick of snow yet this winter. On average, this means that snowfall for the season will be well below average. That’s good for day to day life, but bad for the Lake level, which is already near historic lows. I’m wondering what it means for next year, and whether it’s worth planning a vegetable garden. The blast of heat we had last summer battered the hell out of the tomatoes–I wound up with about a quarter of the usual harvest. Basil sucked. The only thing that did well was the Indestructible Chive, the cockroach of the veggie kingdom.

Kind of a disjointed post, but there’s not much more to report. Pondering changes around the house in the coming year that I can do myself–painting bedrooms, replacing curtain rods, rehabbing the kitchen cupboards. I’ve been gleaning ideas from This Old House, HGTV. Trying to decide which paint colors might work best.

And finally, midweek happiness is poking through the deep freeze and finding stashes of lamb chops and cranberry cake. And finding CONSTANTINE playing on SyFy, and getting to watch Tilda Swinton as Gabriel one more time.

It’s the best film for hair. Swinton’s and Rachel Weisz’s. If I could have just one fourth of Weisz’s hair in place of the dark lint currently stuck atop my head, I would be happy.