Li’l Black Car is home.

Much work was done in addition to head gasket and brakes. Tire rotation and balancing/new battery/oil change/hood guard install, all of which were requested. Timing belt, which was not, but which would have needed to be done in 10K miles anyway, so why not?

We are now winterized. Unto the next Ice Age, we are winterized.

Talked a little with service manager. Apparently Subaru has been working with Toyota to come up with a Subaru-branded hybrid, which may hit the market in the next year or two. That is about the only thing that could make me give up Kuro and get a new Forester.  I have dreams of running Kuro to 150K-200K miles and beyond–service manager mentioned one Subaru his crew recently worked on that had mileage of over 300K. But so many bells and whistles that I paid extra for come standard now, and I would love a hybrid.

But Kuro is a good little car, and looks very spiff with his shiny new hood guard.

Yes, I am an idiot about my car.