Four things make a post

Spam babble of the day: Accord stands out as the Coptis groenlandica which will jewelry this paper hearts with the earth.

Over at Lisa Mantchev’s website, Lisa has posted about her experiments with Ina Garten’s Ultimate Ginger Cookie recipe. Her apotheotic–is that a word/it is now–recipe involves soaking the ginger in bourbon for at least an hour, the result being her Boozy Woozy Timey Wimey cookies. I liked the sound of that, but alas I have no bourbon. I do, however, have dark rum. The ginger has been soaking since yesterday afternoon and the level of the rum has dropped a bit, which implies soakage. I will be baking later in the week, Thursday or Friday. I will post pictures.

King update: you still wouldn’t know he’s sick. He’s bouncy. Eating well. Barking at me when he wants his foods, dammit–I’m never fast enough. Likes to be outside in the cool. At his last checkup, his liver enzyme results came in just a hair above normal. He has a follow-up on Jan. 3 that will include an ultrasound to see how things look. The oncologist told me that it will just tell us where we’ve been, not where we’re going. Yes, I know. But right now, we’re at happy, bouncy, and eating, and that’s all good.

Snow. We haven’t had any yet. It’s been 288 days since measurable snow fall around here, which is a record. However, we are supposed to get hit on Thursday into Friday with anywhere from 1-5 inches. On the other hand, if the snow line twitches, we could wind up with rain instead. I wouldn’t mind a little snow. Snow means clean puppy feet. Rain means mud.