Another Saturday

Last weekend pre-Turkey Day, so the grocery store was packed. Bought pumpkin and stuffing mix, along with leeks and fennel for the cast-iron roast chicken. Not much of a turkey fan anymore, and I know the chicken is a winner, so.

Also got some oat bran. There will be muffins this weekend, possibly with added pumpkin.

Before that, ’twas the hardware store for assorted little fixes. Dimmable cfl bulbs. Screen clips (to hold glass panels in windows). A handle screw for the bathroom sink. A Christmas tree stand that holds water–yup, I’m going to get a real tree this year. A short one, 3 feet at the most–they go on sale at the local lot on Friday, and I want to get it and set it up and enjoy it. Will be putting up the outdoor decorations, too, assuming decent weather.

Also, I finally got a 12″ wreath for Kuro’s front grille. I have been meaning to get one for years, but invariably by the time I got around to it, there were none to be found. So when I found the hardware store had a batch on display, I jumped.

Not literally.

Also, too, I finally got a larger cast-iron frypan for said roast chicken. It’s a 13 1/4″, which is a tad large–even my 6-lb chickens could fit in a 12″. But, it leaves more room for veggies, onion and leeks and fennel that will caramelize into a mess o’ lovely. I will bake the stuffing separately, along with apple-raisin stuffed acorn squash.

Not a bad day today. Chilly, but sunny. There was frost on the ground this morning, and the Indestructible Chive is finally looking a little wilted. The tarragon still looks okay, though. If it survives until Wednesday, I’ll add some to the stuffing.